Statesboro Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Church Mission Statement: “A praying fellowship unified in engaging visitors, members, and collegiates as we spread the gospel and make disciples of all while providing a place of Praise, Prayer, and Worship as we prepare for Christ’s soon return.”




January 2023

January 7: Day of Fasting and Prayer
January 11-21: Ten Days of Prayer (Download Material)
January 14: Health Ministries
January 21: Religious Liberty Day

February 2023

February 4: Reach the World: Personal Outreach – Offering: Newbold College (100% to Newbold)
February 11-18: Christian Home and Marriage Week

March 2023

March 4: Women’s Day of Prayer
March 11: Adventist World Radio – Offering: Adventist World Radio/Hope Channel
March 18-25: Youth Week of Prayer
March 18: Global Youth Day/Children’s Day
March 25: Christian Education

April 2023

April 1: Day of Fasting and Prayer
April 1: Youth Spiritual Commitment
April 8: Friends of Hope Day (Visitor’s day) Mission Promotion World Mission – Offering: Adventist Mission Emphasis (100% to GC)
April 15-21: Literature Evangelism Rally Week
April 15: World Impact Day for distribution of Missionary Book
April 22: Possibility Ministries Day

May 2023

May 6-27: Drug Awareness Month
May 6: Reach the World: Using Communication Channels
May 13: Reach the World: In the Community – Offering: Disaster and Famine Relief (100% to TED)
May 20: Global Adventurer’s Day
May 27: World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

June 2023

June 03: Reach the World: Bible Study, Sabbath School and Correspondence Courses
June 10: Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day
June 17: Reach the World: Nurture and Reclaiming
June 17: Adventist Church World Refugee Day

July 2023

July 1: Day of Prayer and Fasting
July 8: Missions Promotion World Mission-  Offering: World Mission Budget (100% to GC)
July 15: Reach the World: Media Ministry
July 22: Children’s Sabbath

August 2023

August 5: Global Mission Evangelism
August 12: Reach the World: Church Planting
August 19: Education Day
August 26: enditnow Day
August 26: Lay Evangelism

September 2023

September 3-9: Family togetherness Week
September 9: Family Togetherness Day of Prayer
September 9: Mission Promotion Unusual Opportunities – Offering: World Mission Budget (Unusual Opportunities – 100 % GC)
September 16: Pathfinder Day
September 23: Sabbath School Guest Day

October 2023

October 7: Day of Prayer and Fasting
October 7: Adventist Review Subscription Promotion
October 14: Pastor Appreciation Day
October 21: Adventist Heritage and Spirit of Prophecy
October 28: Creation Sabbath

November 2023

November 4-11: Week of Prayer
November 11-17: e-Week of Prayer for Youth and Young Adults
November 11: Offering: Annual Sacrifice (Global Mission 100% GC)
November 18: World Orphans-Vulnerable Children Day
November 25: HIV/AIDS Awareness

December 2023

December 2: Stewardship
November 9: Health Emphasis